Saturday, June 26, 2010

SUMMER READING for grade 5... Read 3 books: Every fifth grader went home with a summer reading binder.We have read the first few chapters of Maniac Magee in class. This is book #1. Please finish it over the summer and continue with the packet we started in school. The worksheets each ask different questions. We did a few in school to help the kids adjust to the format. The LPS summer reading programs lists authors for the children to choose their 3 books from. Jerry Spinelli is one of the choices. He wrote Maniac Magee. Book #2. This is the free choice book. Any of the authors from the LPS website (grade 5) would be fine. Have them summarize in the blue notebook in their binder. This is exactly what they did for homework all year. Book #3. Harriet Tubman biography: I would like them to read about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad in preparation for our trip to Nature's Classroom. We will be doing an underground railroad simulation while at NC. Please have them write a short (one page typed or handwritten) report about Harriet Tubman. They can also produce a cover with pictures to share if they would like. Note: My summer reading is a little different from the LPS summer reading. They do not need to do both.
Mrs. Kennedy