Monday, February 28, 2011

Grade 4: we are reading The Kid's Invention Book. Here are some links for the vocab words:

HW Feb 28 - Mar 3

Grade 4: A packet went home today with directions for each day (Mon-Thurs). Please look for comments on the last packet (week of Feb 14). MOST of the children passed it in and I wrote some comments about the OR (open responses).

Grade 5: A new bookmark went home today. Please pass in the old one if it is filled up. Grade 5 students should be reading 20-30 minutes per night. No  tests this week.

Please send in your bookmark/timer and your log if you have not done so already. Thanks, Mrs. K

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Readathon teams for grade 5

Team 1: Kerry Caitlin Olivia
Team 2: Kyllie Sydney Breanna
Team 3: Melissa Paris Makayla
Team 4: Cam Evan Ryan
Team 5: AJ Kevin Chris
Team 6: Jarrod Michael, Steven, Shane


Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

HW Feb 14-18

Grade 4: A packet of work went home last Thursday. I gave it out early for those children who need extra time. Please do not have your child do the whole thing in one night. I want excellent effort. The purpose is not to get it done, but to do a very good job.

Grade 5: We have a Science test and a Social Studies test on Wed and Thurs. Please make sure they are studying. Study guides went home last week. I want to collect the HW bookmarks and give them new ones. Please send them in. The Spelling Bee is Thursday also.
Mrs. K

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

updates for grades 4 and 5

Book Fair Thursday
School Store Valentine sale on Friday

Valentine's Day parties Monday
Info for NEXT WEEK

 Grade 5: Science test Wed or Thurs guide went home today
Spelling Bee on Thursday...word list went home on Mon.
We will dissect owl pellets on Friday of next week
Grade 4: Please return Hachiko Waits
I will send home MCAS reading for you to do with your child for HW next week
Both grades 4 and 5 will be having a Readathon for fun the vacation week. Info to follow. Mrs. K

Sunday, February 6, 2011

HW week of Feb 7- 11

Grade 4: Finish Hachiko Waits Monday night and summarize. Read the Epilogue and the Author's Note on Tuesday and summarize.
Wed  and Thurs. I will send home an article about wolves and some worksheets. Please read the article with an adult. In class we will be reading Up To The North: A Wolf Pup's Diary. I am unsure about a reading test on that story due to our writing schedule.
Here are two sites  to practice vocabulary for the story:

Grade 5: Read nightly 20-30 min. Have your bookmark signed. I will be collecting them shortly.  Most of the children have finished up with Walk Two Moons and are reading Esperanza Rising. If your child has finished that book they are reading a book of their choice.
Study for the Spelling Bee: a list of possible words will be going home Monday.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Important dates to remember

2/14 is our Valentine's Day party. Please make sure your child has a valentine for everyone in the class.
2/18 Pajama Day: $ goes towards helping Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem
3/22 - 4/4 MCAS ELA dates: this is the testing window
5/10 - 5/24 MCAS Math dates (testing window)
6/13 Field Day 6/14 is the rain date

Parent Teacher night is this Tuesday. We will also be having the Book Fair that evening.
Your child will also be going to the Book Fair on Thursday.

We will be starting School Spirit Fridays this week.Please wear your red each Friday.



We have been learning about Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece Fallingwater. Here is the video we watched in class. The question everyone wanted answered was: Does anyone live in the house now? Go to this website to find out.  Mrs. K

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13 colonies
Please have the fifth graders study the 13 original colonies. A quiz is coming up. Mrs. K