Sunday, October 27, 2013

HW Oct 28-31

Grade 4: We will not be reading Skinnybones this week. The children have a Social Studies test on the N.E. region on Wed. The packet in the binder is the study guide. I will have night back on Monday for 4th graders only to study for the test together. Any 4th grader is welcome. The brochure on a state from the N.E. region is due Friday. It was sent home last Thursday. I am not assigning HW on Halloween, but please make sure your child finishes the brochure so it does not have to be done Halloween night.
Grade 5: Continue with the second Shiloh book. I believe we are on chapter 9 for Monday. No HW on Thursday: Halloween night.

Thursday: Halloween parade starts at 1pm

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4th grade project and test

Grade 4: A Social Studies  project (make a brochure about one of the N.E. states ) went home today (Wed). It is due Friday, Nov 1. We will be having a S.S. quiz next Wed. It will be based on the packet/ study guide  in their binders on the N.E. states . They can start studying over the weekend if they want. I will assign studying as HW Monday and Tuesday along with the brochure.. We will have no HW on Thursday night (Halloween) but keep in mind that the brochure is due Friday. Patrick, Molly and Cam have misplaced their study guides. Please have them see me after school and I will make them another copy.
Mrs. K

Sunday, October 20, 2013

HW Oct 21-24

Grade 4: Skinnybones read and summarize. Monday chapter 4, Tues. chapter 5, Wed. chapter 6, and Thurs chapter 7. A S.S project will go home on Wed. The children will have till Nov 1 to complete it.
Grade 5: No Reading HW this week. We will have a S.S. test on Thursday. Please reread The Discovery of the Americas with your child. A study guide will also be going home. The test has several essays and matching questions. Also, a map  with directions will be going home about the explorers. Step by step instructions are also available Select history maps and then on the second page select explorers to download.This map is due on Friday. I do have some discs with the step by step directions if you have a problem with the online version.

Monday, October 14, 2013

HW Oct 15-18

Grade 4: We will be starting Skinnybones. Read chapters 1-3 this week (Tues-Thurs) and summarize.
Grade 5: Continue  reading the second book in the Shiloh trilogy a chapter a night and summarize.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

HW Oct 7-10

Grade 4: We will be finishing up Jake Drake and then I will give different worksheets for HW each night.
Grade 5: we will be starting the second book in the Shiloh trilogy.

***Please send in your box tops, we really want to win the contest!!!!
Drama practice is on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The last day of Nature's Classroom

Our last day of Nature's Classroom was, of course, another adventure!  After breakfast, we had to head back to our dorms to clean up, then fill out an evaluation of the week, followed by one last field group hike (in the rain).  Even though we got picked up an hour late, we still had a great time having a riff-off waiting for it to arrive!  We were very sad to leave all of our new friends behind, but excited to come home to tell all of you our new stories!  Enjoy these last pictures from today! -Ms. Allen

Her positive share for today, "I had fun at Thursday Night Live" last night"

Entertainment dancing

"We got swallowed by a boa constrictor"

Ort Report Dancers

3 pounds of ort from breakfast

Cleaning up our room

They didn't want to leave!

The two Lynn Schools (and a photobomb by Kai)

Filling out our evaluations

Last ort report dance.  We all got to get up

Start of the energy chain for bread

The full energy train.  Thanks Eli!
THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!  Thanks for checking in every day!  -Ms. Allen

We're coming home!

There was an hour delay of our bus so we will now be home around 1:45! Sorry for any inconvenience !! I have some pictures from our last day, but can't post them until I'm home with Internet access! So check back tonight!  See you very soon!!! -Ms.Allen

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Night is Alright!

I'm sorry to report that every single child said, "Awwwwww nooooooo" when we told them we were leaving tomorrow!  It's really been the most incredible week of new adventures and amazing learning.  Today we played a massive game of hide-and-seek called "Prey vs. Predator".  After lunch, we had one last hike with our field groups, followed by our last class of Nature's Classroom.  This evening we dined on ribs and mac n' cheese and enjoyed some hilarious skits by our classmates and the NC teachers in "Thursday Night Live".  The students are busy packing to come home to you.  Fair warning...they have a LOT of dirty, smelly laundry! -Ms. Allen

His positive share, "Yesterday we went across the suspension bridge for the second time."

Ort report dancers!


Yogi is teaching us about the life span of different animals.

HIPPO helps remind us of all the dangers animals face

Volunteering for the predator vs. prey presentation

His positive share, "I had a lot of fun in predator vs. prey yesterday."

Bravo has some funny shirts, and some funny hair!

Lunch ort dancers

5.5 pounds of ort for lunch

Yogi's group heading down the trail

If you look real close, you can see a teeny-tiny yellow bug on her finger

This was a really beautiful unidentified plant we saw in the forest

Chillin on an upturned tree

A golden birch tree

This bug is a bit bigger

Really good camouflaging on this frog!  We almost didn't see it!

This is a sign and lantern along the underground railroad. 

Swinging around

Lining up for the camouflage class with Kai

YES!!  We get to search and destroy in the woods!

Learning about heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures

This class was appropriately titled "Icky Sticky"

A watched pot never boils!

We made homemade silly putty in the Icky Sticky Class!

An ouchie-wah-wah

Don't worry, these are fake!  We learned how to make fake cuts in "Grossology"

His positive share, "I had a lot of fun tearing logs down in search and destroy class"

Mmmm, mmm mmmmm   Ribs and Mac and Cheese!

Dancing during entertainment time

Ort report dancing.  3.5 pounds of ort for dinner

Rheflex and Kai doing a funny skit

Rusty dancing around Kai

Phoenix is asking Kai if it's time yet

YES!  It's time to do the hokey pokey

Doing a skit about a silly doctor's office

She has a egyption addiction

The Mummy


Rheflex's group after their funny skit

Yogi's emergency broadcast skit

What is Phoenix rubbing on her head?

A banana of course!

She was an insulting chair

She was a complimenting chair

These two girls are so sad.....

So is he (even though he's smiling)

The sadness continues becuase...they didn't have a skit!

Our favorite song to sing right before bedtime every night

All the girls on the last night of Nature's Classroom!  (Ms. Allen snuck in this one)