Sunday, October 31, 2010

Veterans Day writing assignment grade 5

On November 11 the Lynn Item is publishing a section written by children answering the question: What does Veterans Day mean to me? Essays can be submitted through: 
I have had the children start the essay in school. They can give it to me by Nov 4 or send it to the above email address. Please have them put the following information in: Name, School, grade, teacher. 200 words or less. Here is a video to watch on the history of Veterans Day. Mrs. Kennedy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Homework week of Nov 1

Grade 4: Read a chapter a night in Fourth Grade Rats. Summarize nightly.
Mon: Chap 2
Tues: No School Chapter 3
Wed: Chap 4
Thurs: Chap 5

We will not be reading a Trophies story again this week. I will focus on MCAS nonfiction and they will have an MCAS question as a test again on Friday.

Study Island: a new assignment has been posted. The games this week are: darts, bean bag, and ski jump
Spelling City: a new list was added this week.

Grade 5: Reread Discovery of the Americas with an adult in preparation for a test on Thursday.
I will send home the book and a study guide.
Mon: Study for S.S. test (reread Discovery of the Americas)
Tues: No School study for S.S. Test
Wed. Study for S.S. test
Thurs: Complete Webquest on Mexico and pass in the answers (You can do it early if you like)

Webquest: I posted a webquest on Mexico because the setting of our Trophies story this week is Mexico.
I want the children to have some fun exploring the sites while they build background knowledge about the country. It is posted below our Halloween pictures so keep scrolling down.

Study Island: a new assignment has been posted. The games this week are: darts, bean bag, and ski jump

Spelling City     a new list has been posted

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from grades 4 and 5

Ask your children about Miss Alaneius

Webquest: Mexico! Grade 5

The next story in the fifth grade Trophies is set in Mexico. Here is a webquest to help you expand your background knowledge about the country:
Use the following links below to answer these questions...
1. What is the capital of Mexico?
2. What countries border Mexico?
3. What bodies of water surround Mexico?
4. What are the colors of the Mexican flag?
5. Find an interesting fact about Chichen Itza.
6. Find Puerto Morelos on the map. I have visited the 3 closest archaeological sites (ruins) to Puerto Morelos (where my dad lives). See if you can guess which ones I have been to. Have fun Mrs. Kennedy            this is the link for the map
just for fun: See if you can learn how to count in Spanish!
I like the puzzle of Chichen Itza as well. See if you can put it together faster than me (2 minutes 37 seconds)

Gr 5 from Mrs Melanson

Just a reminder that there will be a Chapter 9 math test Monday.  We will review during morning classtime and have the test during extra math at 1pm.  Be prepared!

Have a safe, fun Halloween.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Highest game scores on Study Island

Highest school scores (games) on Study Island this week in grades 4 & 5:
1. Cameron Greene
2. and 3. tie between Cam Greenleaf and AJ Reyes
Can you beat them? Can you beat them? Mrs. Kennedy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

webquest on Rosa Parks

YouTube - Biography: Biography: Rosa Parks The fifth graders will be studying Rosa Parks this week. I have put together a webquest for them to complete. Answer the following questions:
  1. When and where was Rosa Parks born?
  2. How old was she when she refused to give up her seat on the bus?
  3. How did she feel about being called The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement?
  4. Name three awards she received in her life.
  5. Where was Rosa Park's casket displayed after her death (famous place)?
  6. How old was she when she died? What year did she die?
The Youtube video will help you on your quest. Click the link in blue above. Here are some other websites to check out:

Please write down the questions and the answers to bring to school on Friday. I will assign this as homework for Thursday night because we will be finished with Saving Shiloh on Wed. If you want to do the assignment ahead of time you can. That way you would have no homework on Thursday night. Mrs. Kennedy

Saturday, October 23, 2010

homework for the week of Oct 25

Grade 4
I will be sending home a character analysis worksheet (it will have stickers with it) and a biography project this week for HW: M-TH
Mon: Character analysis worksheet, read biography that was sent home
Tues: Read biography to an adult, discuss your famous person
Wed: Complete worksheet on your famous person (biography)
Thurs: Write a one page report on the famous person,(you can use the worksheet as a brainstorm) make the cover ( you can print out a picture for your cover or draw a picture if you would like). I will send the paper for the report home as well.

Study Island: 2 assignments were posted. The games of the week are: paratroopers, island hopper, and the memory game.
No Trophies test this week. They will be given an MCAS question on Friday that I will use as a test grade.
Progress reports were sent home on Friday, please sign and return on Monday

Grade 5:

Saving Shiloh
Mon: Chapters 15 and16, summarize nightly
Tues: 17 and 18
Wed: Finish the book
Thurs: TBA
Study Island: 2 assignments were posted. The games of the week are: paratroopers, island hopper, and the memory game.

Progress reports were sent home on Friday, please sign and return on Monday

Mrs. Kennedy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here is the video about Iqbal. Boys and girls, please watch it and discuss it with a parent. You may want to ask your parents to read the handout from today. We will be writing about Iqbal in our journals tomorrow. Mrs. Kennedy

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gold medalists in Grade 5

Congratulations girls! I am very proud of you for doing so much reading over the summer. The students of Lynn Woods earned over $1,000 during our yearly Readathon. The money raised goes towards buying new books and supplies for our library. How exciting! Mrs. K

Statue of Liberty Deconstructed

                                    Grade 4: We are reading Lily and Miss Liberty for homework this week. Watch this really cool video to learn more about the Statue of Liberty. Mrs. K

Amelia Earhart, 1897 to 1937

Grade 4 students please watch this video. We will be studying Amelia Earhart this week in class. What famous person did Amelia meet? Mrs. K

Homework for the week of Oct 18-22

Grade 4: We are starting a new book - Lily and Miss Liberty
Mon: chapters 1 and 2 (summarize each night)
Tues: 3 and 4
Wed: 5 and 6
Thurs: finish the story
Work on Study Island assignments and Spelling City
Also, watch the Youtube videos that I put up for 4th graders

Grade 5:  Saving Shiloh
Mon: 7 & 8 (summarize each night)
Tues 9 & 10
Wed 11 & 12
Thurs 13 & 14
Work on Study Island assignments and Spelling City
Also, watch any Youtube videos I put up for 5th graders

Friday, October 15, 2010

Study Island games

The 4th and 5th graders will compete on Study Island with the following games:
  • archery
  • baseball
  • cheerleading
The assignments are up on
Have fun! Mrs. K

Will our boat float?

Here are some pictures from our Science lesson: which type of water is more buoyant - salt water or fresh water? Mrs. Kennedy

Important dates

Monday, Oct 18 is Picture Day. Envelopes went home with the children.
Tuesday, Oct 19 grade 4 bake sale
Friday, Oct 22 is the Halloween Dance  6 pm - 7:30 pm (Grade 5 is running the snack table)
Friday, Oct 29  Halloween Parade at 1:30 ish (Party 12:45 - 1:30 pm)
Mrs. Kennedy

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth", Lou Gehrig

The 4th graders have done quite a bit of reading about Lou Gehrig this week. Here is a clip of Lou giving his famous speech at Yankee Stadium on Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day. What are some of Lou Gehrig's character traits? Mrs. Kennedy

school dance

Our LW school dance is next Friday, Oct 22. The fifth graders are responsible for providing items to sell at the bake sale. We need baked goods, snacks, drinks, and raffle items. All proceeds go toward end of the year activities. Please see Grace McManus if you can help out that night. She will be putting together a sign up sheet. Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy

Info about grade 5 classroom parties

Here is a list of party assignments for the 5th graders:

Melissa - cupcakes or brownies
Olivia - chips or popcorn
Steven - drinks
Kevin - cookies or candies

Paris - cupcakes or brownies
Kyllie - chips or popcorn
Chris - drinks
Shane - cookies or candies

Valentines Day
AJ - cupcakes or brownies
Sydney - chips or popcorn
Jarrod Michael- drinks
Caitlin - cookies or candies

End of the Year: (breakfast foods for our brunch)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HW week of Oct 12-15

Grade 4: We will be reading about Lou Gehrig in our Trophies book in class this week.
Mon: No School Columbus Day
Tues: read Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees pages 1-4 both sides of worksheet (no summarizing)
Wed:     "                                                         pages 5-8 complete worksheet               "
Thurs:     "                                                         finish story complete worksheet              "

Grade 5:
Mon: No School
Tues: Saving Shiloh chapters 1-2, summarize
Wed:   "                  chapters 3-4, "
Thurs:  "                  chapters 5-6, "

Please have your child complete the Study Island assignments (due Sat.) and work on Spelling City.
Mrs. Kennedy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Topsfield Fair Let me know about your favorite activity at the Topsfield Fair by leaving a message on the wall. You double click to add a sticky. Mrs. K.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Study Island

I have posted the first assignment of the year on Study Island. Please have your child go to and log in under user name (last name, first initial, then lw) for example: smithjlw

the password is the first and last initial with a 1

example: js1

They can change the password but make sure you write it down. I do not get an update of who changes passwords. Mrs. Fritz is the only one who can get you that information if you loose it. (Some children have already changed passwords)

Mrs. Kennedy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Topsfield Fair tomorrow!

The weather looks okay (60ish and windy), but I think the ground will be muddy or wet. You may want to send boots instead of sneakers.They should also wear play clothes. The children can bring a lunch or $$ to pay for food. If they get school lunch we can pack it up for them. Please remind them to stay with the chaperone they were assigned to at all times.I will be giving them all an assignment to do at the fair. We will not be playing games or going on rides. Any money you send with them will be spent on food or toys. (Please talk to them about how much money is for food and how much is for toys).I did not assign any homework for Thurs. night, but you could have them go on Directions to our word list can be found on my previous post. Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spelling City

I have posted a list of words for my 4/5th graders to practice on . These are some of the words I noticed were misspelled in our homework journals and other assignments over the last week. The site gives them tests and games to play. It seems like a fun way to practice spelling. Please encourage them to go on it. To get to my list you need to go to find a list, then search by:
  • user name is lynnwoods (one word)
or if you have trouble:
  • teacher is christine kennedy