Sunday, January 26, 2014

Homework January 27-30

Grade 4: Monday and Tuesday: We have been reading and analyzing  Patricia Polacco books in class to help us become stronger writers. For homework read a Patricia Polacco book of your choice and complete worksheet: Write a summary/ give examples of writing skills you notice Patricia uses. Wednesday and Thursday replicate above assignment with a different P.P. book.

Grade 5: Your child will choose a biography of a famous person on Monday. Please read the biography, complete the brainstorm, write a one page (3 or 4 paragraph) report on your famous person and do a cover. (This is very similar to the homework reports done in 4th grade, but the book is much longer.)This assignment will not be due until February 7 (2 weeks)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Walking Classroom kits arrived!

Thanks to generous donations from Safe Routes, The Walking Classroom,  and our own PTO the fifth grade was able to purchase a class set of Walking Classroom  kits from: .Each kit comes preloaded with lots of lessons on subjects such as: Conflict in writing, Women of the Civil War, Albert Einstein, and many more. We walk, listen and learn!
We test drove our kits in the gym today due to the 16 degree temperatures outside. Ask your child about The Walking Classroom! Mrs. Kennedy

Monday, January 20, 2014

HW January 21 to 23

Grade 4: I will send home a rough draft to be copied into a final copy. We have been working hard on writing  small moments about  sledding and having a snowball fight. These small moments need to be joined together into one completed paper.
Grade 5: A project on the 13 colonies will be going home. It is due Friday. We will also have a test on the 13 colonies (map) on Friday.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

HW January 13-16

Grade 4: Pizza box projects are due on Wed. If your child needs some help from me to complete it, please have them stay after school on Monday. Homework for the end of the week will be map worksheets.
Grade 5: Map on the 13 original colonies is due on Tues.If your child needs help with this please have them stay after school on Monday. Homework for Tues through Thursday will be to complete 3 entries for the Newspaper in Education. A green folder will go home with the information. The entries can be typed or handwritten.
Please look for information on our Open House.
Rafflepalooza in on Wednesday this week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

HW Jan 6-9

Happy New Year!
Grade 4: A pizza box project went home today. It is due next week, Wed,  Jan 15th. We will be taking notes on our monument in the computer lab tomorrow.  Please read the instructions with your child. Also, we completed a foldable about our resolutions for 2014. Please read and discuss this as well.
Grade 5: Please finish the Shiloh sequel (no summary tonight)and discuss the foldable about New Year's resolutions with your child. Tomorrow a map of the 13 original colonies will go home for homework. It is due next week, Tues,  Jan 14th. No other reading homework will be assigned.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pictures from 4th grade

First day of 4th grade

Camp Fire Peer Proof program

Learning with the Ipads