Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Study Island contest

The 4th graders won the contest this week!!! They beat the fifth graders by almost 500 questions!
Jillian, Kaleigh and Kitty had the highest GPA in grader 4. Adam M. and Adam C. are the gamers of the week!
New Study Island assignments are up. Lets see if the 4th graders can keep their lead!

HW: Grade 4 - New book: Skinnybones. We will be reading a chapter a night and summarizing.
Mon: Chapter 2, Tues: chap 3, Wed: chap 4. We will be having a S.S. test on Friday. Please make sure they study the chapter by rereading it with an adult and using the study guide I sent home. The textbook should go home nightly. On Tuesday from 2:15-2:45 I will be having a study session for 4th graders. Anyone is welcome.

Grade 5: New book: Bud, Not Buddy We will be reading and responding in our journals nightly. The fifth graders will be having a S.S. test on Thursday. The test is based on the book Discovery of the Americas. It will be matching and several essays. Please have them bring the book and the study guide back and forth to school nightly.

Other info:
Fudge orders are due Nov 2
Halloween dance is Oct 26. The fifth graders provide raffles and baked goods (peanut free). A notice went home. Please sign and return it.

Guitars and Folktales

The fifth graders are so lucky that they have Ms. Cohen for guitars before school on fridays. This is a free program that the 4th graders will get to participate in this winter as well.

I took some pictures of the 4th graders reading folktales from around the world with their partner:

These are some of the folktales from around the world that we have been reading

Monday, October 15, 2012

HW Oct 15-18

Grade 4: Finish Jake Drake on Tues night. We will be starting a new book Wed. Work on Study Island assignments.
Grade 5: Among The Hidden: Mon- chapters 22 and 23. 2 chapters nightly. Work on Study Is. assignments.
Student council paperwork went home today. Please fill it out if you want your child to be in the council.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Music class fun

Miss Cohen was teaching the children a Halloween song using different instruments. It looked like fun! Mrs. K

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Study Island contest

Both classes have a new assignment. It is assignment #2. I am having a contest to see which class in grade 4 and 5  (and individual student) gets the highest average, the most questions done and the best score on the games. The games have to be the same to do this so I picked: archery, skate park and the island hopping. Please have your child participate. Thanks! Mrs. K

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HW week of Oct 9-11

Grade 4:
Jake Drake Bully Buster: Tues..chapter 6, Wed chapter 7, Thurs. chapter 8. Summarize nightly. If you are having trouble with your child forgetting the book the public library has several copies. If your child looses or forgets the summary notebook have them write on plain paper. We can glue it in later.

Grade 5: Among The Hidden: two chapters a night, one page in the homework notebook. Tuesday we are reading chapters 14 and 15 for HW. Sometime we read ahead in class so the chapters may change. If your child got a guitar slip please sign and return for tomorrow. Notices regarding classroom parties went home today as well.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4

The 5th grade students will be leaving Nature's Classroom tomorrow after an exciting week.  I'm glad they have the long week-end to recuperate.  They will surely needs lots of rest.  Certainly they have missed you and can't wait to get a big hug!  Please be sure you are on time to pick up your child.  The bus is scheduled to be in Charlton MA for pick up at 11:00.  My prediction/hope is that they are on the road by 11:30.  That would put them in Lynn at the Great Woods Road parking lot around 1:00.  Mrs. Zukas will call me to tell me their exact departure time if you want to call around lunch to get a more accurate ETA.  Here is the final round of pictures. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3

I spent the day at Nature’s Classroom.  I have all positive reports.  The kids are having a fabulous time.  I saw no signs of homesickness what so ever and they are all getting along.  All great news!  I asked many of them randomly to rate the trip 1-10….ten being the best and I got mostly 10s and some 15s.  The chaperones (Mrs. Zukas, Mr. Weston and Mr. Miller) are unbelievable.  They are caring for your children like their own!  I joined them for a hike, lunch and some classes.  You should be really proud of how well they are doing…..I am!  Mrs. Fritz
 The students had to use only one board and teamwork to get everyone off the "island".  They did it!
 Some girls amazed me with how they organized and structured their rooms.  These girls labeled draws.  Below are Mrs. Zukas' rules posted in each room.  Super organized just like the girls!
 This is a shower schedule the girls posted!
 Getting prepped for the Underground Railroad this evening.
 Playing hide and seek during a break.

                                              I think this game was called vegetable.
                               These groups are getting instructions on how to build a rope bridge.
                                              Just some cute randoms......

                              Some of the children opted to relax in between hikes.

                                            They found a white caterpillar
                                              Positive share by Emily
                                 Lunch time and boy were they hungry. 
                         I love the family style eating and sharing.  Very good manners I might add.

 Mrs. Zukas was confident enough in their skills that she tested the rope bridge.

                          Yes....they opted to write in their journal during down time!  :)
                                 They played a camouflage game in the woods
                       This was perhaps the best for many.  Catching salamanders. 
            These two were sooooooo excited about sharing their "finds".  "No you can't keep it!" :)

 This was my view from the nature walk.  Man they walk a lot.....I trailed from behind.  I told them it was to make sure no one fell behind but these old legs could barely keep up.  Let me tell you they are getting LOTS of exercise.

                 They played capture the flag with a north/south spin on the game.