Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

HW week of Dec 20-22

Grade 5:
Read The Cay one chapter per night and summarize (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Work on Science project/poster on hurricanes due Jan 4, 2011
Mon: Chapter 12
Tues: Chapter 13
Wed: Chapter 14
Grade 4:
Read a chapter a night and summarize of Skinnybones
The book will be finished by Wed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

cell sites Here are the bookmarks for the cell websites we looked at on the Smartboard. Please explore them on your own to learn more about the cell. Mrs Kennedy

Holiday party

Our Holiday Party is next Wed, Dec 22 at 11:30 am. We cannot have the party in the afternoon Wed because a Science lesson with a GE volunteer has already been scheduled. I will have the children pass out the snacks and we will watch Tuck Everlasting on video. If we have time after the Science lesson in the afternoon we will watch more of the movie. Thursday afternoon is the Holiday Show.
Here is the list for who is bringing in snacks:
Paris: cupcakes or brownies
Kyllie: chips or popcorn
Chris: drinks
Shane: cookies or candy
Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Science poster Grade 5

This is a picture of my poster on hurricane Wilma 2005
An assignment on hurricanes went home today. I will delay the due date because of the holidays and vacation to Tues, Jan 4, 2011. The children need to pick a hurricane to study and complete a poster with 8 text features. I gave them a list of the types of things I am looking for. Also, an example of the poster (on hurricane Wilma 2005) is hanging in our class. Mrs. Kennedy

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homework week of Dec 13-17

Grade 5: The Cay, read and summarize
Mon: Chapters 6 & 7
Tues: Chapters 8 & 9
Wed: Chapter 10
Thurs: Chapter 11
Quite a few fourth and fifth graders are behind in Study Island. Please have them spend some time catching up. I do not want to post new assignments with so many of the assignments left undone.
Grade 4: Skinnybones, read and summarize
Mon: Chapter 6
Tues: Chapter 7
Wed: Chapter 8
Thurs: Chapter 9

We will be reading How To Babysit an Orangutan in our Trophies book. Here are some sites to go along with the story.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lynn Item article about School House Rock production

"Friday, December 10, 2010

Roughly half of the school’s 150 students are participating in the production.

Wrangling a group of more than 70 students from kindergarten to fifth grade is a brave task to take on, but for parent volunteers, Wendy Whitcomb and Shauna Hemenway, the task is as rewarding as it is challenging.

“Seeing the kids faces light up on stage is adorable,” said Whitcomb. “We really want to nurture their talent at a young age and to have them be a part of something.”

Whitcomb and Hemenway volunteered four years ago to start a drama club at the school in an effort to allow the students to get exposed to theatre and the arts while they’re young.

Four years and four productions later, the productions have raised enough money for the school to be able to purchase a new set of stage curtains. “That was a great feeling knowing that we started this club and can now give back and improve the school,” said Hemenway.

But new curtains aren’t the only advantage that has derived from the Lynn Woods Drama Club.

Whitcomb says witnessing the team-building and camaraderie that students engage in during rehearsals is the best part.

“They are learning how to perform, how to talk to each other and are gaining a sense of self-respect and respect for others,” she said. “These kids are pretty young and they"

School House rocked!

Boys and girls, you did a fabulous job! I loved the songs, and acting and the great costumes. Its terrific that you all learned so much about grammar, math and history as well!I am proud of all of your hard work. Mrs. Kennedy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feeding Chickadees and Downy Woodpecker

Today we were reading about the chickadee. Here is a video of a human feeding chickadees out of their hand. This sure looks like an interesting activity to watch. Thanks Steven for the idea!. Mrs. K

Sunday, December 5, 2010

POLL: Which state has been hit the most by hurricanes? – Flisti

Which state has been hit the most by hurricanes? – Flisti Grade 5: click on the link to take this poll about hurricanes.
If you would like to do some research go to this site:
Hurricane direct hits on the mainland U.S. coastline and for individual states by Saffir/Simpson category

Grade 4 HW Dec 6 - 9

Monday- Thursday read a chapter a night in Skinnybones. Summarize each chapter.
We will be reading The Garden of Happiness this week. Here are some sites to practice vocab, summarizing and cause and effect for that story.

Quite a few students are behind in the Study Island lessons. I would like them to spend this week catching up on lessons they missed. Mrs. Kennedy

Saturday, December 4, 2010

HW grade 5 Dec 6-9

Grade 5: Monday- writing assignment on Tuck Everlasting. It is posted on our Kidblog. You can write your answers on the blog or do them on paper. I will give you a worksheet on Mon.
Also, find out 5 facts about Curacao (see map above) including its capital. It is the setting of our next book.
Tues: Read one chapter of The Cay and summarize
Wed: read one chapter of The Cay   "
Thurs: read one chapter of The Cay    "
Play this game of battleship for fun! 
Directions: you hit the boxes on the left to try to sink the computer's battleships.

Take these  chapter quizes about The Cay online: