Saturday, November 27, 2010

Four Legged Heroes: Togo & Balto

Iditarod Webquest

Grade 5: Here is a webquest for the Iditarod.
  • When and why did the Iditarod start?
  • What is the starting date this year?
  • I met a famous Ititarod musher when I was in Alaska. See if you can figure out who she is. hints: She was born in Minnesota and move to Alaska at age 17 by herself.

Study Is. Winners this week

Grade 4:
Most items completed: Allison
Highest score: Jesse

Grade 5:
Most items completed: Shane
Highest score: Kevin

Grade 5 wins this week for the highest GPA: 74.6% (grade 4 had 71%)

HW week of Nov 29-Dec 3

Grade 5: Tuck Everlasting
Mon: 23 and 24 read and summarize nightly
Tues 25
Wed: Epilogue
Thurs: complete Webquest on the Iditarod

NEW Study Is. assignments posted for both classes
Games: Bowling, Curcuit Master and Ski JumpGrade 4: Catwings
Mon: chapter 1 read and summarize nightly
Tues: chapter 2
Wed: chapter 3
Thurs: chapter 4
***see post about Youtube videos and sites to visit to learn more about puffins (our Trophies story of the week is Nights of the Pufflings)
Mrs. Kennedy

Grade 4 Nights of the Pufflings

We will be reading Nights of the Pufflings this week.
Here are some websites to visit and a Youtube video that goes along nicely with our story.

Iceland Puffins

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After school extra help in ELA and Math for the next two weeks (Nov 29 and 30 and Dec 6 and 7) has been cancelled. It will resume the week of Dec 13. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Melanson

And the winner is....

Congratulations Shane! You sold the most LW turkey raffles. We appreciate how hard you worked. Mrs. K

Monday, November 22, 2010

In Search Of The Lost Colony of Roanoke (Part 2 of 2)

Grade 5: Here is a video about The Lost Colony of Roanoke that we read about in our Social Studies book. It shows many theories about what could have happened to the colonists. What do you think is the best theory? Mrs. K

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mysteries from History series Grade 5, here is a Wallwisher about The Mysteries from History series. Which book was your favorite? You have to read all 4 to vote.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homework for Nov 22 and 23

Grade 5: Tuck Everlasting read and respond
Mon: Chapters 19 and 20
Tues: Chapters 21 and 22
Quiz on the elements of poetry on Wed. (They have flashcards to study)
New assignments on Study Is. and Spelling City. Also I posted a Youtube video on The Mary Celeste that I would like them to watch. We read the story in class.
The Study this week for both classes are: Home run derby, archery and splat
Grade 4:  I am sending home an MCAS release question called The Mustard Seed. Please have them read  it and start the multiple choice questions on Mon. and reread it Tues. and do the open response. I would like them to highlight and number where the answers are for both the multiple choice and the open response. It is due on Wed.New assignments on Study Is. and Spelling City. Mrs. Kennedy

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What did happen to the Mary Celeste?

Today in school the fifth graders read The Mary Celeste, A Mystery from History by Jane Yolen. This Youtube video from The History Channel does a good job of telling the story. What is your theory about what happened to the Mary Celeste? Mrs. K

Gr 4 New detention policy

Dear parents,

After meeting with Mrs Fritz and Mrs Kennedy it has been decided some of the behavior in fourth grade needs stronger consequences.  Although they are all good kids, the chatting, speaking out, and moving around during a lesson is unacceptable.  Therefore, we have initiated a detention program.  The following rules are now in place. 

The students will be given a warning to change a behavior and their name will be put on a list.  If throughout the day in either class, they are told again to behave they will be sent to the office and given a detention slip.  This results in one hour of after school time with Mrs Fritz, once parents have been notified.  If this does not correct the behavior over time we will adjust the consequences as needed. 

Academically, we have a full agenda daily.  In order to meet all grade level standards before June, lessons cannot continue to be disrupted.  I am sure you and your child understand there decisions are being made in the best interest of your child and to ensure that each child can learn in a positive classroom climate.  Please have a discussion with your child to be sure he/she understands the new policy.

Rewards will be given to those children who show self-control and are not put on the list throughout the week. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Study Island

Grade 4: The winners are...
Most items completed: Allison
Highest GPA: Kati
Games winner: Cam

Grade 5: The winners are...
Most items completed: Shane
Highest GPA: Kevin
Games winner: Shane

Grade 5 has the highest GPA this week! 75.4%, Grade 4 was 74.1%

Our new games for this week are: Cup stacking, kickball and maze

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homework week of Nov 15 - 19

Grade 5: Read two chapters a night in Tuck Everlasting and summarize
Mon: 11 & 12 
Tues 13 & 14 Also, make a poster on the water cycle
Wed 15 & 16   BAKE SALE Gr 3
Thurs: 17 & 18
A new assignment has been posted on Study Is. and Spelling City.Last week the 4th graders beat the 5th graders. They had the highest GPA!
Spelling test this Thursday on Spelling City words (Oct & Nov)
Science test on the water cycle Friday. Please study flashcards nightly.
Social Studies tests went home last week. Please send back those who had to be signed and returned.

Grade 4 Read a chapter a night in Fourth Grade Rats and summarize. This book should be finished this week.
A new assignment has been posted on Study Is. and Spelling City.Last week the 4th graders beat the 5th graders. They had the highest GPA!
Spelling test this Thursday on Spelling City words (Oct & Nov)
Monday night I will send home a writing assignment: write a letter to a veteran
Mrs. K

Friday, November 12, 2010

Storyline online
Grade 4: This website has some of my favorite Patricia Polacco books online for you to listen to and read along.
  • My Rotten Readheaded Older Brother
  • Thank you, Mr. Falker
Mrs. Kennedy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a copy of the spelling words

Spelling words from lists for Oct/Nov

(these words were found misspelled in homework and daily writing assignments and tests throughout the last 6 weeks)

Test date: Thursday, Nov 18 Mrs. Kennedy

hoping expensive famous mysteries doesn’t happily a lot

family easier actually families worried amazed starve instead

across again beautiful being calendar library happened whole

popping surprised believing police hole whole somebody

government remembered lawyer couldn’t dangerous experience

carry cheese disappear hear jewelry would wouldn’t accident

porch popular invited excitement won’t die dying pupil

grimaced believe addition eight ate example friend grateful

guess might elegant practical flew cheerful annoying delighted

Spelling test grades 4 and 5

Next Thursday I will give the children in grades 4 and 5 a spelling test on the words I have been posting weekly on Spelling City from Oct. and Nov. Please have your child review all the lists to prepare.  For those of you that have trouble getting the online quizes I will send home a list (paper copy)of all of the words from Oct and Nov. Mrs. Kennedy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Museum of Science visits Lynn Woods

Grade 5: What did you learn from the Museum of Science program? Post your answers on kidblogs. Mrs. Kennedy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gr 4 & 5 from Mrs. Melanson

The math tests scheduled for Friday have to be changed to early next week.  The dates will be announced later this week.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gr 4 from Mrs. Melanson

The fourth grade Holiday Fair basket will have a sports theme.  All donations are appreciated.  The Fair is Wed, Dec 15.

Tomorrow Bob Metcalf from the Saugus Watershed will be in the class presenting a lesson on climate.

Wed.,  The Museum of Science will present a program on Electromagnetism.  It'll be SHOCKING!

No school Thursday for Veterans' Day.

Friday, the chapter 5 math test will be given.

Keep working on learning the New England states and capitals.

Basket for the Holiday Fair

The 5th graders are responsible for a kitchen basket: cooking utensils, gadgets, coffee, teas, mugs, spices, cookbooks etc.

Please contact Kim P. 781-593-3365

Andrea F. 781-842-2065

Leah W. 781-586-0026

with any questions (The fair is Wed, Dec 15)

Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gr 5 from Mrs. Melanson

The next math test for chapter 10 is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12.  Keep practicing your multiplication facts as you'll need to use them finding the Least Common Denominator to add and subtract fractions.

Gr 4 from Mrs. Melanson

Your Veterans' Day performance was great!  I'm so proud of you.

Remember the Social Studies assignment is due tomorrow.  Chapter 3 should be read and you should know the 6 states and capital cities for the New England region.

The Chapter 5 math test is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12.  Keep praticing your math facts both addition/subtraction  and multiplication/division.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Homework week of Nov 7 - 12

Grade 5: read Tuck Everlasting and summarize nightly
Mon: Chapters 3 & 4
Tues: 5 & 6
Wed: 7 & 8
Thurs: 9 & 10  No School Veterans Day
Please watch the Youtube videos on the water cycle and Roberto Clemente. We will be studying both of these subjects this week.                New assignments posted on Study Island and Spelling City
The games for the week are: Kickball, paratroopers and ski jump

Grade 4:  read Fourth Grade Rats and summarize nightly
Mon: Chap 6
Tues: Chap 7
Wed: Chap 8
Thurs: Chap 9 No School Veterans Day
New assignments posted on Study Island and Spelling City  the games for the week are kickball, paratroopers and ski jump

New Assignments posted on Study Island and Spelling City

Veterans Day ceremony

A.J. Mariano, framed by members of the Lynn English High School Jr. ROTC Color Guard, pledges allegiance to the flag during opening ceremonies at the Veterans Day celebration at Lynn Woods School Friday. Item photo / Owen O'Rourke
   Please read the great article in the Lynn Item about our Lynn Woods Veterans Day ceremony.
On Thursday, November 11, the Item will be printing essays written by children. The topic was: What does Veterans Day mean to me. Please pick up a copy to see if any of the fifth graders had their essays printed. Mrs. Kennedy

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Water Cycle Song

Our next  5th grade Science topic is the water cycle. Please watch this Youtube video and sing along! Mrs. Kennedy

Roberto Clemente: More Than Baseball

The 5th graders will be reading about Roberto Clemente this week. Here is a short video about his baseball career. Mrs. Kennedy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

testing all rocks!

testing for conductivity

Notice the glasses!

Recently we did experiments on various rocks and minerals. Here is a list of our tests:
  • texture
  • color
  • luster
  • transparency
  • hardness
  • streak
  • magnetism
  • conductivity
  • florescence   
Ask your child what new information they learned about rocks and minerals. Mrs. K

testing rocks for hardness

Gr 4 Social Studies assignment from Mrs Melanson

Social Studies assignment due Mon, Nov 8:  Read Chapter 3 New England Region  p 75 - 93.  Learn the six states and capitals and their locations.

Remember to wear red, white, and/or blue tomorrow for the Veterans' Day show.  It's at 1:00pm.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gr 5 from Mrs Melanson

Reminder:  The chapter 9 math test will be completed Wed.  Make sure you're ready!

Gr 4 from Mrs. Melanson

Reminder:  There is no school tomorrow, Tues, Nov. 2, due to staff workshops.  The math test for Chap 4 is Wednesday.  Please prepare for this by practicing your math multiplication facts and fact families.  You can also review on p. 109 of the text book.

Have a good day off.