Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gr 4 New detention policy

Dear parents,

After meeting with Mrs Fritz and Mrs Kennedy it has been decided some of the behavior in fourth grade needs stronger consequences.  Although they are all good kids, the chatting, speaking out, and moving around during a lesson is unacceptable.  Therefore, we have initiated a detention program.  The following rules are now in place. 

The students will be given a warning to change a behavior and their name will be put on a list.  If throughout the day in either class, they are told again to behave they will be sent to the office and given a detention slip.  This results in one hour of after school time with Mrs Fritz, once parents have been notified.  If this does not correct the behavior over time we will adjust the consequences as needed. 

Academically, we have a full agenda daily.  In order to meet all grade level standards before June, lessons cannot continue to be disrupted.  I am sure you and your child understand there decisions are being made in the best interest of your child and to ensure that each child can learn in a positive classroom climate.  Please have a discussion with your child to be sure he/she understands the new policy.

Rewards will be given to those children who show self-control and are not put on the list throughout the week.