Monday, April 25, 2011

HW Apr 25-29

Grade 4: A new book went home: Chocolate Fever. Please have your child read 2 chapters per night
Mon: Chapters 1 & 2
Tues: Chap 3&4
Wed: Chap 5&6
Thurs: Chap 7&8
It is okay if they did not finish the other two books: Skinnybones or Nasty Sneakers. Please return them.
We will not be having a reading test this week, although I did post some vocab. games I would like the children to do. After school reading and math is scheduled for this week.

Grade 5: Sci test on Friday. A study guide went home today.
Reading HW: read 20-30 min. per night a book of your choice. A new bookmark went home today. Please sign it nightly. They also have a math wksht for tonight from Mrs. Melanson
Bake sale next Wed. run by the fifth grade. A notice went home today. Mrs. K