Saturday, September 10, 2011

HW week of Sept 12

Welcome Back!
Reading HW from Mrs. Kennedy
 HW for grade 4: Read and Summarize a chapter nightly of Snot Stew in the black notebook that was sent home. We completed chapter 1 together in class.
Mon: Chap 2
Tues Chap 3
Wed Chap 4
Thurs Chap 5

In class we will be reading The Gardener in our Trophies book. Here is a link to an online site to practice the vocabulary words for the story:

HW for grade 5: Read and summarize a chapter nightly of Shiloh. We read the first few chapters together.
Mon: Chap 3
Tues: Chap 4
Wed Chap: 5
Thurs: Chap 6
A simple Social Studies project will also be going home for HW one night this week. I am unsure of the night as of now.
Important: The instrument demo is on Tues for grade 4 and 5. If you choose to have your child play a musical instrument, the lessons are during the school day. If the timing of the lesson conflicts with Math or Reading please be aware that your child may have to make up missed classwork after school and at home.

 Open Houseis scheduled for Sept 20 from 6-8.
Gym day for both grades 4 and 5 is Friday.