Sunday, November 20, 2011

HW Nov 21 and 22

Grade 4: PROJECT on the Washington DC monuments will go home on Monday the 21st. Due Dec 5.
If you have trouble completing this at home I will be available on Mon, Nov 28 for extra help from 2:15 to 2:45 in the computer lab.
TEST on the Middle Atlantic states will be on Dec 1. A study guide will go home on Monday the 21st. Your child should take the Social Studies book home to begin to prepare.

Grade 5: Finish Among The Hidden this week. We will be starting a new book on Nov 28.
Extra credit: I introduced the 5th graders to a program called Glogster in the computer lab. If your child would like to earn extra credit in either Reading or Social Studies they can produce a GLOG at home and bring it in to show the class. A Glog is like a poster that you can produce using
Have them add 4 or  5 text features (pictures, maps, fact boxes, a summary, a timeline). The topics for Reading would be: elements of poetry,  Among The Hidden or My Side of the Mountain. The topics for Social Studies would be Jamestown or Roanoke, The Lost Colony. They could also pick an explorer that we didn't learn much about (not Columbus or Magellan). Mrs. K