Thursday, March 29, 2012

Newspaper in Education

Here are some samples of our work for NIE:


Golden Apple Awards
By Jesse A. Grade 5, Lynn Woods School

I give a Golden Apple Award to my mom. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be in this world. She cooks so much food! She drives me to all the places I need to go to. My mom is friendly to everyone. She also likes to help people. She works from 6:00 to 1:00 and doesn’t get much sleep. She deserves a real Golden Apple Award.

My Nana

By Julia B. Grade 5, Lynn Woods School

I think the Golden Apple Award should go to my kind, loving nana. The reason why I think she should get one is because she always helps people and animals no matter what. She also never judges people by their color or the way they look. Also she is the most joyful person I ever met.


St. Mary’s Hockey

The 2011 – 2012 men’s hockey team is off to a terrific start. Halfway through the season with a 10-1-1 record, they are the first team to qualify for the State Tournament. Their only tie and loss was against Malden Catholic which is one of the best teams in the state. I have been to a lot of the games. They are very exciting and hard hitting. They are a very rough and good team. I think they will make it far this year.

Book Reviews
Ranger’s Apprentice (Book 1)

By Michael-James B., Grade 5 / Lynn Woods School

Have you ever dreamed of a life adventure? If so, read the Ranger’s Apprentice books by John Flanagan. You’ll experience the amazing life of a boy named Will living in a fantasy world.

In Ranger’s Apprentice (Book 1) Will and his four other foster friends must finally become apprentices. Will wishes to become a warrior just like his father had been before he died, but things don’t turn out the way Will wanted. The most unexpected thing happens. Halt, the master ranger, takes Will as his apprentice. Now Will must defeat evil and save the kingdom.

This is a favorite book on my part because I like fantasy and adventure, and these books are full of it. My favorite part to Book 1 was the unexpected ending.

I would highly recommend these more than 400 page books to a reading level of grades 5-8 or ages 11 and up.
Go Free or Die

By Samantha C. Grade 5 / Lynn Woods School

Would you like to read about how slaves had to work on a farm from day to night for their master? Or how they escaped? If you do, read Go Free or Die by Jeri Ferris.

In this realistic chapter book, a girl named Harriet Tubman tries to escape from her master’s farm, and she follows a map from a Quaker family. She gets a few words from her father and succeeds to freedom. She goes back and brings more and more family members north. She traveled at night with 40 or more slave catchers looking for them. I really enjoyed reading Go Free or Die. There are so many surprises in the story. I would recommend this book for kids ages 10 – 11.


Leader of Life

My trees brush

My pond glistens

Life everywhere…

My squirrels scurry

My fish splash

Life everywhere…

My sun shines

My moon glows

Life everywhere…

My mountains stretch high

My rock lays still

Life everywhere…

My planet orbits

My world lives

Life everywhere…

My life lives

My universe lives

Life everywhere…