Saturday, September 22, 2012

HW week of Sept 24-28

Grade 4: Snot Stew: Mon and Tues read the last two chapters. Summarize nightly. Wed and Thurs. I will give a New England map worksheet each night. All week please have them study the flashcards in their binders on the New England states and capitals. They also need to know the abbreviation ( and location) for each of the six states. Quiz on Friday.

Grade 5: New book: Among The Hidden. I will introduce the book on Monday. Our new essential question is: Why is freedom so important to us? They will have one or two chapters nightly for HW this week. Please have them do a page in the HW folder they have been bringing home. The questions are different every night. Also: This week is Harriet Tubman week in our class. Please talk with your child about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. We will be reading books about her and discussing slavery in class. They will be participating in a simulation of the UGRR at Nature's Classroom. We spend this week preparing for that. Mrs. K