Sunday, December 16, 2012

HW Dec 17-20

Grade 4:
Mon: Read your new David Adler biography silently.
Tues: Read your biography to an adult. Complete the worksheet about his/her life.
Wed: Begin report.
Thurs: Finish report. Do the front cover. Either draw your pictures or print one from the computer.
Pass reports in on Friday.

Grade 5: Shiloh Season a chapter a night starting with chapter 13 on Mon. We will finish the book by Fri.

Grade 5 holiday party is Friday.
Baked goods: Tyler
Candy: Brooke
Chips: Juliana
Nutritious snack: Zach
Plates, Napkins: Joe
Popcorn: Amber
Grades 4 and 5: Please bring in coins to donate to Item Santa.
Report cards are due back to school signed.