Monday, October 1, 2012

Nature's Classroom

The fifth graders arrived safely at the Nature's Classroom Charlton site. According to Mrs. Zukas everyone is settled and adjusting just fine. I imagine they will be very tired come this evening. Mrs. Zukas is sending me random pictures and I will add them as she sends them. Please check the site as I may update more than once a day.
 Mrs. Zukas and Amber ready for lunch!
 A quick game of basketball before the next planned learning activity
 Some of the boys waiting for the waitron to serve up lunch.
 Emily spotted something in nature that she wanted to photograph.
                                                 Love the enthusiasm ladies
 Makenzie catching up.....she had to run back to the dorm for her sweatshirt.
 A game called numbers with a Nature's Classroom instructor
 Amber doing a positive share after dinner.
 Some of the girls rolling down a hill during a break.
 Zachary giving the Ort Report

Practicing monocular vision, like a deer has
Brendan enjoying the evening Science Fair
Night Night....all happy faces