Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 3 at NC

 The weather has really cooperated this week. The children are off with their field groups. Paris, Melissa, Kerry and Makayla went look at monark butterflies with Nora, the Nature's Classroom instructor. Breakfast was delicious scrambled eggs with cheese and home fries. Chris and Caitlin were our waitrons today. They had to serve their table and help with the clean up. It was fun watching them sing and dance to the ORT report. All the children have their turn at being the waitron. It also involves sweeping and wiping down the table. I am sure they will continue to do this when they go home. The girls have been singing and dancing in the cabins to entertain the chaperones. I told the boys to clean up their rooms because Mrs. Fritz is coming. No dirty socks on the floor. They are all happy and healthy. Mrs. Kennedy

scraping plates after dinner

Mom, I will do this at home