Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, day four at NC

Last night the children experienced a simulation of the Underground Railroad. Many of them absolutely loved it and learned a great deal about what it would feel like to be a runaway slave. Mrs. Fritz joined us yesterday and got to experience the role of "conductor" on the UGRR. Steven, Makayla, Paris, Breanna, and Ryan all got to dissect a turtle yesterday. The got to see the liver, heart and intestines of the animal up close. Right now they are playing a large game of tag called predator and prey with Shoemaker and Moses Brown students(about 100 5/6 graders in all). Breakfast this morning was homemade french toast with syrup. Lunch today is BLTs and dinner will be pizza. Tonight is skit night-every field group puts on a short skit to entertain the crowd. Mrs. Kennedy