Friday, October 29, 2010

Webquest: Mexico! Grade 5

The next story in the fifth grade Trophies is set in Mexico. Here is a webquest to help you expand your background knowledge about the country:
Use the following links below to answer these questions...
1. What is the capital of Mexico?
2. What countries border Mexico?
3. What bodies of water surround Mexico?
4. What are the colors of the Mexican flag?
5. Find an interesting fact about Chichen Itza.
6. Find Puerto Morelos on the map. I have visited the 3 closest archaeological sites (ruins) to Puerto Morelos (where my dad lives). See if you can guess which ones I have been to. Have fun Mrs. Kennedy            this is the link for the map
just for fun: See if you can learn how to count in Spanish!
I like the puzzle of Chichen Itza as well. See if you can put it together faster than me (2 minutes 37 seconds)