Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Topsfield Fair tomorrow!

The weather looks okay (60ish and windy), but I think the ground will be muddy or wet. You may want to send boots instead of sneakers.They should also wear play clothes. The children can bring a lunch or $$ to pay for food. If they get school lunch we can pack it up for them. Please remind them to stay with the chaperone they were assigned to at all times.I will be giving them all an assignment to do at the fair. We will not be playing games or going on rides. Any money you send with them will be spent on food or toys. (Please talk to them about how much money is for food and how much is for toys).I did not assign any homework for Thurs. night, but you could have them go on Directions to our word list can be found on my previous post. Thanks, Mrs. Kennedy