Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HW week of Oct 12-15

Grade 4: We will be reading about Lou Gehrig in our Trophies book in class this week.
Mon: No School Columbus Day
Tues: read Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees pages 1-4 both sides of worksheet (no summarizing)
Wed:     "                                                         pages 5-8 complete worksheet               "
Thurs:     "                                                         finish story complete worksheet              "

Grade 5:
Mon: No School
Tues: Saving Shiloh chapters 1-2, summarize
Wed:   "                  chapters 3-4, "
Thurs:  "                  chapters 5-6, "

Please have your child complete the Study Island assignments (due Sat.) and work on Spelling City.
Mrs. Kennedy