Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home & change of departure time

The camera came home with Mrs. Zukas yesterday.  Sorry to disappoint.

The class will eat lunch at 11:00 and then depart.  The children are leaving Nature's Classroom in Charlton MA @ 11:45.  Depending on traffic we are expecting them back at the park on Great Woods Road between 1:15 -2:00.  Please be sure that someone is there to meet them.  They will need a shower and lots of rest over the week-end!

  I know that they still have another night..... but I know I speak for all of the chaperons  when I say the 5th graders went beyond our expectations in terms of behavior and maturity.  It was a huge responsibility and they handled it exceptionally well.  I am extremely proud of them.  I hope I have not jinxed us!  Enjoy the long week-end. 
Mrs. Fritz