Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just arrived in from my long day at Nature’s Classroom.  The sun and the rain took turns all day.  It seemed like we had an hour of one then the other.  It didn’t stop any of the learning or excitement.  The children are non-stop during the day and into the evening.  There are no tears and everyone is having fun.  I am going to post pictures and do my best to give a descriptive caption. 

For lunch we had hot dogs and our watron was Jeremy.  He did a fabulous job!  After lunch Katryn and Kylie did the ORT report.  Jesse and Wendi approve of the lunch!

Soon after the field groups began.  Jack and Carter designed and built an astronaut safe transport vehicle.  They tested it by seeing if it could carry an egg off when projected off the roof.  They watched from below. 

In between many kids opt for a basketball game.

They gather daily on the stairs to get their next assignment.

More to follow........