Saturday, October 15, 2011

HW Oct 17-21

Grade 4: Keep reading and summarizing Jake Drake
a chapter a night.
Mon: chapter 7
Tues: Chap 8
Wed: chap 9
Thurs: chap 10
Social Studies test on Chapter 3, The New England region on Friday. A study guide went home. Please reread the chapter with your child and discuss the words on the study guide. The test is about 20 multiple choice questions.
We are reading about Amelia Earhart in class. I posted a Youtube video about her that I would like the 4th graders to watch. It is below this post.

Grade 5: We will continue reading Among The Hidden
Monday: read chapters 5 and 6 (short chapters)
Tuesday: chapter 7
Wed: Chapter 8 ( we already read this in class) and chapter 9
Thurs: chapter chapter 10 and 11

Both classes: I have added Study Island assignments in ELA
The Science Museum will be visiting our school on Wed. I will try to post some pictures.
Mrs. K