Sunday, September 15, 2013

HW Sept 16-19

Grade 4: We will continue reading and summarizing Snot Stew: Mon - Chapter 7, Tues chapter 8, Wed chapter 9 and Thurs chapter 10.
Grade 5: We will continue reading  Shiloh in class and reading and summarizing a chapter a night at home. Also, the students will have a quiz on the continents and oceans on Wed. Monday night a quick project: make a compass rose out of anything you would like (not food, though). 

Open House is Tuesday. Grade 5 will be with Mrs. Kennedy at 6:00pm  and Grade 4 will be with Ms. Allen at 6:00. Meeting with Mrs. Fritz in the gym is at 6:30. Grade 5 will go to Ms. Allen at 7:00 and Grade 4 will go to Mrs. Kennedy at 7:00pm.