Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 1 of Nature's Classroom!

Hello from the greatest classroom in the world!  We have all arrived safely at Nature's Classroom in Charlton, MA!  We've unpacked our bags, had some delicious lunch of chicken nuggets and french fries, and now the students are out on their first Field Group Hike!   Please enjoy some of the pictures and videos of the experiences we've ALREADY had! (And we've only been here for 4 hours!
Everyone pitches in!
They already put us to work!
Thank you for packing a small bag!

Luggage Line!

All hands on Deck!

C'mon, we want to see our rooms!!

What a beautiful,straight line!

Standing with our Responsibility Buddies

Yes!!   Food!!

We're Hungry!


The Nature's Classroom Principal, Eli

This table's waitron is doing her job well!

After lunch entertainment, a fun song!  

Today's Waitrons doing the "Ort Report" dance!