Sunday, September 29, 2013

HW Sept 30-Oct 3

Grade 4: Continue reading and summarizing  Jake Drake. Monday chapter 5, Tues. chapter 6, Wed. chapter 7 and Thurs. chapter 9. Also, we will be having a S.S. test on the New England states. Flashcards and a map went home in the binder on Friday. The test is Wednesday. Please make sure your child knows the state, the capital, and the abbreviation for the state. Spelling/capitalization  counts!The test is a map just like the one sent home/seen below. They will have to know the location of each of the 6 N.E. states. I will not be assigning any math homework. Your child may have Gym several times this week!!! Please have them wear sneakers or comforatable shoes. Thanks!Mrs. Kennedy
This worksheet should be in the binder. The test looks very much like this.