Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun days and nights at Nature's Classroom!

Good Morning!

We all survived, very successfully I might add, our first night at Nature's Classroom!  We had a very fun-filled day of field groups and classes, followed by an evening of Science Fair activities.  By the time we got back to our dorms, we were all so worn out from the day, that we fell asleep pretty immediately.  We didn't hear any coyotes or bears, so we all got a very good night of sleep!   This morning we enjoyed some amazing waffles and now we're out for a 2 hour Field Group Hike!  Here are some more pictures from yesterday, and a few from this morning!  Fair Warning: They keep us pretty busy from sunup to sundown, so I may not post as frequently as planned.  If you don't see anything new, it just means we're too busy learning and having fun!   -Ms. Allen

Fierce War Paint (Charcoal)

Can we do this every day?!

Team Building Challenge

If you just stretch a little more, we can do it
All smiles!  Even Eli, who jumped in the picture!

I am having the BEST time!

Kai is teaching a Fire Building Skills Class

Listening very closely, fire is a very serious subject!

Showing the "Log Cabin" building method

Inspecting the girls Tee-Pee fire before lighting it

She said, "I think you should make more space so air can get in"  Kai agreed!

Relaxing during "Tree Tag"

Tagging a Hickory, or was it a Maple?

Tagging this Tree!

Cracking open nuts with a large rock!  The nut inside was pretty tasty, too!

Pretty fancy roller coaster

This roller coaster had a loopdy-loop!

A very long roller coaster

Team Work can build a pretty spectacular roller coaster

She's smiling, even though she has a cow's eyeball in her hand! Ewwww

Dance Class!

We don't know those moves, will you show us?

Cotton Eyed Joe

Getting down

DELICIOUS dinner!  Spaghetti and bolognese sauce! YUMMMMY!

We brainstormed what a Scientist looks like.  Based on their descriptions, this was it!

Science Fair night:  Does a pickle conduct electricity?

Coming up with a hypothesis (Yes, a pickle DOES conduct electricity!)

Wooooahhh!  She's lighting a dollar bill on fire!

Making milk tie-dye

What happens when we put a penny into fire?

Out for our first field group hike

Waiting in line for breakfast (7:50am)

We slept so good 

What a great day!

Sharing a positive thought for the day, "I'm here and I'm having SO MUCH FUN!"

Yummy, yummy waffles for breakfast!

The waitron cleaning up the table

Form a banana, peel the banana, GO BANANAS!

Chopping the avocado in this morning's entertainment dance

This morning's ORT report dancers!

Shake it down, only 12 pounds of ORT (wasted food) this morning