Saturday, September 13, 2014

Homework Sept 15-18

Grade 4: Continue to read Snot Stew one chapter a night ( Monday through Thursday)and do a summary. Expectations for what the summary should look like can be found on the front cover of the summary homework book. Monday night your child should be on chapter 6. Also, I will be giving a test on the states, capitals and abbreviations of the New England region on Friday. The test is in map form so they will also need to know the location of the states. Flash cards are in the binder.

Grade 5:Continue to read Shiloh one chapter a night and summarize( Monday through Thurs.) Please bring the book back and forth to school. On Monday your child should be on chapter 7....we would have read chapter 6 in school. All Nature's Classroom money and paperwork are due!!!!!
Mrs. Kennedy