Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fun in the (not so much) sun!

We've had a great first morning at NC!  We ate some delicious pancakes and sausages for breakfast and then headed out for our 2-hour field group hikes.  Some groups saw an old abandoned car, some ate white pine needles, others found partridge berries to eat.  A few of the groups played a very fun game in the woods called Camouflage.  The goal is to camouflage yourself so well in the woods that your field group leader can't find you!  It's harder than it sounds!  We enjoyed some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and now we have some down time until our first class at 2:00 p.m.   It just started raining here, but it's just a light drizzle so it's not dampening anyone's spirits!  -Mrs. Hudak

Her positive share for the day..."I had a lot of fun talking to my friends in our room this morning."

Like, a lot of fun.

Pancakes and snausages!!  YUM

Happy campers!

We love it here!  Even wen Grt photobombs the picture and acts like a Zombie!

Smiles all around

Adding some things to the discovery wall (stuff we've learned)

Adding a positive thing he saw during the day.
IALAC can stand for many things, but one of them is "I am loving and caring"  

Cleaning up after breakfast!  Sorry you're so blurry Jack B.

Compost and Ort

Some awesome father/son bonding time!

Entertainment time!

Dancing is fun!

It's the ort report baby!

Gaga ball time, again!

Goofy faces!

This is a big intense game!

Choosing our first class with our Field Group leader

Decisions, decisions

On our hike, with Mike!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood....

And I looked down one as far I could.

Flea and her field group.

I know there aren't any kids in this picture, but this is a very cool tree.

A partridge berry that we ate.  Didn't taste like much of anything though!

Mike explaining how to identify the partridge berries in the forest.

We found the abandoned car!

Mike's group at the base of a very cool tree house.

A little tired from our hike, but ready to hear about our afternoon!


Grilled cheese and tomato soup!

Another ort report baby!  7 and a half pounds at lunch!  Getting smaller each meal.

Sorry for the glare, but here you'll see Noah, Olivia, Ava F. and Ashley