Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OHDEAR, we are learning so much!

Good morning from the most fun, educational camp we've ever been to!  Last night we went to a "Science Fair".  We learned all about what OHDEAR means in science.  O=observe H=hypothesize D=design E=experiment A=analyze and R=redesign   We walked around to different science stations and had the opportunity to observe some really cool science!  We felt what it was like for rabbits and deer to live a monocular life (we could only see things very far away and out of one lens), we learned that you can light flour on fire, we learned that it is possible to melt a penny, we learned out to make tie-dye milk, we learned what's inside of a baby's diaper, and we learned how hot and cold molecules can cause evaporation and implosion in a can!  Science is so much fun at Nature's Classroom!  

We all slept really well and were asleep pretty early since we had such a busy day today.  We have another FULL day of adventure today.  We'll have our first morning 2-hour field group hike, followed by 2 classes this afternoon and a "Night Experience" tonight where we'll get to see the stars and enjoy the sounds we hear at night in the woods!  

Here are some pictures from yesterday afternoon and last night.  Of course, check back later today for some pictures from our day today!  We miss you all (sort of) but we are having way too much fun!    -Mrs. Hudak

Waiting to meet our field group leaders on the "Walk-Don't-Run" stairs!

Gaga Ball!!

Sharing a positive thought before dinner.  He had "a great time in his camouflage class!"

Dinner is served!  Spaghetti and meatballs tonight!  YUMMMMMMY!

Everyone pitches in to help.

Boston creme pie for dessert!!

Time to clean up!

And for our next trick, we'll walk all these cups and silverware without dropping them!

It's the ORT report BABY!!!

The start to science fair night.  Will they make Grizz alive using Science?

Lighting the flour on fire outside!

Walking with a monocular view

She made it the furthest!  A new NC record!

Melting pennies