Monday, September 29, 2014

Our exciting few hours at far!

We arrived safely.  We were very eager to unpack and settle our rooms and eat some delicious food!  We've settled in nicely and met our field group leaders!  They have funny names like Flea, Grt, Acorn and Grizz to name a few!  Right now, the kids are in their first class.  Some are doing eyeball dissection, some are playing ultimate frisbee and some are creating explosions with Mentos and soda pop!   I LOVE taking pictures, so brace yourselves for 73 wonderful pictures from our first 6 hours at Nature's Classroom!  I'll have more to come tonight, but enjoy these for now!  -Mrs. Hudak

The start of our luggage line.

Woah!  Strong Man!

She earned the first good deed necklace for helping to organize the luggage line!

Another good deed bead!

Group team building exercise

Explaining the rules of the ultimate Rocks-Papers-Scissors

Tim and Olivia were the last two standing!  Tim won!

Practicing our emergency procedures


Can't wait for our first delicious meal here.

Steak and cheese subs!!


Trying to stump the staff

Can we eat yet?!

The waitron sign up sheet!  Everyone gets to serve at least once! 

Clean up time!

Don't spill Jariah!

Focused waitron!

Ort Report Dancers

Big group waiting for instructions

Heading off to our first field group!

Another field group on their way out.

Yes!  This is going to be fun

Learning about their class choices for the afternoon 

Some volleyball during transition time

We love it here!!

These rooms are awesome!

Eli, the principal, getting ready to dismiss kids to class!

Our field group leaders:  Eli, Grt, Hans, Acorn, Flea and Mike