Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back 2 Basics at NC

We had another fun day in the rain today.  Again, we were offered several wonderful classes to choose from.  We had 2 different afternoon classes, followed by a pizza dinner, and a "Back 2 Basics" program which taught us all sorts of primitive survival techniques and games!  We had a lot of fun, learned a lot of new facts, and got a little dirty in the process!  (You'll see!!)  Now that all of our faces are washed off, we are tucked into bed and hoping for nicer weather tomorrow!  -Mrs. Hudak

Designing an animal with super adaptations

Listening to instructions 
Learning about animal classification

I'm a fish!

Getting ready to learn how to mummify something.

Some of the animals students have dissected at NC

A pig's heart!!

I don't know if this is cool or gross?!

Definitely cool!

Sorting out jellybeans using the classification system

Mummifying a chicken

Here's their super animal

Wacky the Cat

They attended a comic book drawing class

She drew a comic about the staff here!

And she recapped the "giant man-eating guinea pig" incident in her comic strip.
 It's okay, Olivia, it's just a rock!

Ed attended a class where he had to try to draw without being able to see.  It was very hard to do

Pig Dissection Class!

The serious business required serious attitude

Holding the pig

Using teamwork and communication to build a monster.

Drawing our insides on the outside of a t-shirt

Mrs. Hudak even got in on the fun in this class!

Adding in the diaphragm

Gaga ball time!!

Waiting in line for dinner!


Writing a good deed she saw today

Madilyn learned something new today!

Cleaning up after dinner.

Entertainment time!  We all get to sing and dance.

It's time for the ort report baby!

Only 4 pounds of ort tonight!  A new record for us!

Tying knots

A perfect figure 8 knot!

You have a little something on the side of your face.

Making butter

Throwing a bolas towards the pole to try to wrap it around.

Mixing up some ink using charcoal and honey

Mashing it together

You ain't seen nuthin yet!

That's all folks!!