Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What a night experience!

Good morning from a slightly wet Nature's Classroom!  It did rain yesterday afternoon a little bit, but it was never heavy downpours.  We were able to experience several classess yesterday such as deer hunting, civilizations, wild tea, rocket launch, and some dissection, to name a few.  Last night we had our "Night Experience" where we learned all about rhodopsin which is the protein that allows our eyes to adjust and see things in the dark.  We did all sorts of cool science experiments in the dark with our field group leaders!  Just as we were heading back for our nightly quiet sing, it started to rain heavy, but we were safe and sound indoors!  It was another great night of sleep, in fact, it's time for me to go wake up all the kids to get ready for breakfast!!  I will definitely upload more this afternoon, promise! Sorry, I didn't find time to do more yesterday.       -Mrs. Hudak

They built a very cool fort!

Trying to find the right place to build a shelter.

This will be the best spot we think!

Building shelter using whatever we can find around us.

The prize-winning shelter, and Ben!

Scavenging for natural things to put into our wild tea!

Noah made a catapult!

Jack is getting his catapult glued together.

Let the war begin!

Our ammo was tiny marshmallows!


His positive share, "I saw an old car in the woods."

Taco tuesday!

We are so happy we're having tacos!

Can she pop the whipped cream into her mouth using two hands?
(The answer is no, not without making a mess!)

Fudgesicles for dessert!!!

Look ma!  We're so clean!!

Running back from dinner to get ready for our night experience!

The most organized shoe collection in the whole dorm!