Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our last full day (Whole class picture at the end of this post!!)

We are in our final FULL day at Nature's Classroom.  It looks like the weather is making a turn for the better, we can see the sun trying to poke out of the clouds!  This morning we played a very fun game of "Predator vs. Prey" which involved predators trying to tag out their prey and take their food, shelter and water!  It was a great learning experience for all.  We're having an hour break now, and then back out to our field groups and another class.  Tonight's activity is Thursday Night Live which is a hilarious skit show, performed by all the students!  -Mrs. Hudak

French toast for breakfast today!

Telling everyone a joke!

Talking to mike about how to use a cup as a microphone

Entertainment time!

Ort report baby!

6 pounds of ort this morning.

Gaga ball is our favorite in downtime!

Let the hunting begin!

Her positive share for the day, "I had a lot of fun in predator vs. prety today" 

Hot dogs and beans for lunch today!

Whose beard is better?

Olivia got a little ouchie-wa-wa!  Thank goodness for friends that will help her out!

I asked them to be serious.  This is what I got.

We are so happy!

We are so so bored.  Can we go home yet??

Just kidding, WE LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the chaperones!

Silly face time