Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Singing in the rain!!

We are having such a great time, in spite of the fact that it's raining.  We had wonderful field group hikes this morning.  We all saw so many cool things!   We enjoyed some eggs, bacon and homefries for breakfast which gave us all the fuel we needed to go for the day.  We just finished some turkey burgers and tater tots for lunch and now we have an hour break until our first afternoon class!  -Mrs. Hudak

Friends for life!

Jack cleaning up after a good meal.

Noah wiping down the table.

Ort report baby!

Ed and Matthew cleaning up

Strike a pose!

Entertainment time

An underground refrigerator.  This was also a stop on the underground railroad.

One of many salamanders we found!

A little frog

It's magic!!

Making the pine needle levitate!

This salamander detached its tail.

Climbing on trees.

A very cool overturned tree!

Bright pink leaves!

We made it through the gauntlet!

Eating a coniferous needle.  Hans said it tasted like Christmas, these girls didn't agree!

What a cool root system Tim is hiding in.

Great hiding spot Shea!

Jariah in the tree root!  (Sorry I didn't flip it!)

Noah cleaning up.