Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chugging along at Nature's Classroom

Good morning!   We had another action-packed day and night at Nature's Classroom.  Yesterday afternoon we took a class.  Either deer survival, bear survival, water rockets or feed your face.  Then we all went to a class to learn some history about the Underground Railroad before we went out for our night adventure to simulate the experience slaves went through.  Dinner was a big Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing!  And of course, blueberry pie!  We all successfully made it through the Underground Railroad to our safety in "Canada" and had a wonderful teaching/learning discussion about the experience afterwards.  It was a real positive night for all.  Unfortunately though, we all had to act a certain role, and there was no time to take pictures.  So, you'll just have to ask all about the experience when we come home!   Today is our last full day here, and it's going to be another beautiful one!  -Ms. Allen

We built a water rocket!

Phoenix starting the countdown

Phoenix helping set up the rocket

Kai explaining natural ways to take care of your skin

Baking soda facials

His positive share for the day, "Today we did the ropes course."

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yum this is so good!

Principal Eli enjoying dinner with us

Ort Report dancers for the night

7 pounds of ort tonight.  We'll work on it tomorrow!