Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Falling into Nature's Classroom

The calendar may tell us it's fall, but Mother Nature didn't get that message!  It's a beautiful 81 degrees here at Nature's Classroom today!  We've spent our morning with our field groups hiking in the woods.  Luckily we stayed pretty cool thanks to the tree canopy overhead.  We're doing much better with our ort now!  We only had 7 pounds at breakfast (bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches with hash browns) and 5 pounds at lunch (franks and beans).  We have some classes this afternoon and then tonight we get to experience the Underground Railroad!  -Ms. Allen

Her positive share for the day, "We had to hide eggs and then find them."

Telling a joke to the school

Cracking up at his own joke! ;-)

MMMM yummy breakfast sandwiches

Ort report dancers

7 pounds of ort for breakfast!

Listening to the description of the classes

They all sound so interesting

Which one will we take?

Heading out for the morning field group hike.

2 hours of fun awaits us!

Kings of the world!
 (The play button doesn't work, and I don't know how to remove it!  But I'm working on it!)
The road less traveled

Rusty showing the group through the woods

We found an old car in the woods!

We made S'moreos!

Time to roast the marshmallows!

The coolest looking tree

Crossing the suspension bridge

Even Ms. Allen got in on the fun!

Only 5 pounds of ort for lunch!