Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Night is Alright!

I'm sorry to report that every single child said, "Awwwwww nooooooo" when we told them we were leaving tomorrow!  It's really been the most incredible week of new adventures and amazing learning.  Today we played a massive game of hide-and-seek called "Prey vs. Predator".  After lunch, we had one last hike with our field groups, followed by our last class of Nature's Classroom.  This evening we dined on ribs and mac n' cheese and enjoyed some hilarious skits by our classmates and the NC teachers in "Thursday Night Live".  The students are busy packing to come home to you.  Fair warning...they have a LOT of dirty, smelly laundry! -Ms. Allen

His positive share, "Yesterday we went across the suspension bridge for the second time."

Ort report dancers!


Yogi is teaching us about the life span of different animals.

HIPPO helps remind us of all the dangers animals face

Volunteering for the predator vs. prey presentation

His positive share, "I had a lot of fun in predator vs. prey yesterday."

Bravo has some funny shirts, and some funny hair!

Lunch ort dancers

5.5 pounds of ort for lunch

Yogi's group heading down the trail

If you look real close, you can see a teeny-tiny yellow bug on her finger

This was a really beautiful unidentified plant we saw in the forest

Chillin on an upturned tree

A golden birch tree

This bug is a bit bigger

Really good camouflaging on this frog!  We almost didn't see it!

This is a sign and lantern along the underground railroad. 

Swinging around

Lining up for the camouflage class with Kai

YES!!  We get to search and destroy in the woods!

Learning about heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures

This class was appropriately titled "Icky Sticky"

A watched pot never boils!

We made homemade silly putty in the Icky Sticky Class!

An ouchie-wah-wah

Don't worry, these are fake!  We learned how to make fake cuts in "Grossology"

His positive share, "I had a lot of fun tearing logs down in search and destroy class"

Mmmm, mmm mmmmm   Ribs and Mac and Cheese!

Dancing during entertainment time

Ort report dancing.  3.5 pounds of ort for dinner

Rheflex and Kai doing a funny skit

Rusty dancing around Kai

Phoenix is asking Kai if it's time yet

YES!  It's time to do the hokey pokey

Doing a skit about a silly doctor's office

She has a egyption addiction

The Mummy


Rheflex's group after their funny skit

Yogi's emergency broadcast skit

What is Phoenix rubbing on her head?

A banana of course!

She was an insulting chair

She was a complimenting chair

These two girls are so sad.....

So is he (even though he's smiling)

The sadness continues becuase...they didn't have a skit!

Our favorite song to sing right before bedtime every night

All the girls on the last night of Nature's Classroom!  (Ms. Allen snuck in this one)