Friday, October 4, 2013

The last day of Nature's Classroom

Our last day of Nature's Classroom was, of course, another adventure!  After breakfast, we had to head back to our dorms to clean up, then fill out an evaluation of the week, followed by one last field group hike (in the rain).  Even though we got picked up an hour late, we still had a great time having a riff-off waiting for it to arrive!  We were very sad to leave all of our new friends behind, but excited to come home to tell all of you our new stories!  Enjoy these last pictures from today! -Ms. Allen

Her positive share for today, "I had fun at Thursday Night Live" last night"

Entertainment dancing

"We got swallowed by a boa constrictor"

Ort Report Dancers

3 pounds of ort from breakfast

Cleaning up our room

They didn't want to leave!

The two Lynn Schools (and a photobomb by Kai)

Filling out our evaluations

Last ort report dance.  We all got to get up

Start of the energy chain for bread

The full energy train.  Thanks Eli!
THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!  Thanks for checking in every day!  -Ms. Allen