Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We've only been here 2 days?!

The adventures we have had are INCREDIBLE!  We spent our morning hiking with our field groups exploring the woods and the pond.  We spent our afternoon in our choice of 2 different classes.  We spent our evening on a "Night Experience" where we did a little bit of light hiking to do some amazing star gazing and learn about some neat science involving light and our vision.  It's hard for us to believe we've only been here 2 days because we've had so many amazing experiences, and we can't wait to share with you when we get home!  Another full day of adventures awaits us today!  -Ms. Allen

Gaga Ball....  The only thing we want to play during free time!

What are the rules again?

Her positive share for the day, "I learned how to play gaga ball and I'm going to share it with a lot of people at home."

LUNCH!  Meatball subs...yummy

The waitron cleaning up after lunch.  Look at all their ORT!

Wiping down the table after lunch

ORT report dance.

13 pounds of Ort.  That's not good.

Our whole Class

Silly faces

Making music using Boom Whackers

The first cut

Dissecting a rat!  She is so brave!

Creating endangered egglings

Team Work

Phoenix lending a helping hand

Finished building our A-frame

Put it all together to make a GEODOME!

Way up high on the Geodome we just built

Running for Ultimate Frisbee

Kai getting ready to toss it down field

Here we go!

Singing at the "Riff Off"

Serving water at dinner

Her positive share for the day, "I got to dissect a starfish."


It's all in the family!

Ort report dance.  Only 3 POUNDS of Ort tonight!  Way to go!

Getting ready for bed

We're not tired yet

Best buddies

Always putting on a show

We're tired, can we sleep now?

Good night!